Day 270: 1 Month Sugar Free!

I haven’t thought about my relation to food in a while, although for many women one’s relation to one’s body often transpires in their eating habits. While I’ve always had a healthy diet (I’m talking whole grains, home cooking, organic fruit and veggies since childhood), I’ve also topped it off with a variety of lessContinue reading “Day 270: 1 Month Sugar Free!”

Day 261: Hit hard by reality

All this isolation has me regressing back into cocoon mode, where I forget about the outside world and the universe snugly fits into my safe little stay at home bubble. And then I watched this 12 minute New York Times documentary about medical staff and morgue workers in Queens, U.S.A. and shit got real again.Continue reading “Day 261: Hit hard by reality”

Day 258: counting things!

8 months and a half ! WOWOWOWOWOW. Oh my, time flies, but I can’t disappear into the void altogether so here I post, about numbers, for some reason. (If you worry that I might have gone insane, I blame the last chapter of my PhD. I finish it this week if everything goes well. ThenContinue reading “Day 258: counting things!”

Day 250: The Dreaded Liebster Post

I’ve been putting this off for soooooo long, but it’s time. First of all, thank you to the lovely Claire at Ditching the wine, for nominating me and placing her faith in my ability to take less than 6 months to write this post (these awards are all around the blogosphere these days andContinue reading “Day 250: The Dreaded Liebster Post”

Day 235: Little Rays of Quarantine Sunshine

BRAG POST ALERT! This morning I reflect upon how sobriety can lead to dramatic change in reshaping your self-image. In the past, I would alternate between narcissistic pride and hardcore self-deprecation, and there would be little room for anything in between, such as authenticity, feelings of self-worth, honest vulnerability, etc. Accepting a compliment, humbly statingContinue reading “Day 235: Little Rays of Quarantine Sunshine”

Day 230: The “Coronation”

Miracle Mornings! I hate waking up but I love coffee, so after 8:00 I’m willing to compromise. Anything before that and you’ll need a fire alarm to get me out of bed. So when I opened my eyes at 6:00 am to a dance of liquid gold coming in through the curtains today, I wasContinue reading “Day 230: The “Coronation””

Day 218: back to square one?

Don’t worry, I didn’t drink. I am just luring you in with a catchy title, because I have no soul. The square one I am talking about it relationship-related, not substance related: looks like Anne might be single again – or in need of some serious relationship counseling,.. Why am I boring you with theContinue reading “Day 218: back to square one?”

Day 214: 7 months, yo!!!!

Dear friends,  Thank you for still being nice to me despite me being so flaky. I’ve been lurking around reading and commenting, but have been putting off writing. And yet, on day 214 I cannot NOT write. So write I must, and write I shall !  Don’t know about you but I felt really depressedContinue reading “Day 214: 7 months, yo!!!!”

Day 200: Shrooms and quarantine ?!!

Yep, you heard me. But first, I would like to make a clear disclaimer: Most of them are illegal, and for a reason. MANY of them will lead to addictive, self-destructive and sometimes deadly situations. As for the special class of Psychedelics, they can be dangerous if taken unsafely and without preparation, and can provideContinue reading “Day 200: Shrooms and quarantine ?!!”

Day 196: Anxiety about coming back

Hi everyone!  It’s been a month and I’ve been putting off writing, initially because I had “nothing to say” (or what I call the “shitty” excuse), and then because I am a complete coward who got nervous at having to show up with yet another apology for being gone too long. Sigh. Initially I wantedContinue reading “Day 196: Anxiety about coming back”

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