Day 196: Anxiety about coming back

Hi everyone! 

It’s been a month and I’ve been putting off writing, initially because I had “nothing to say” (or what I call the “shitty” excuse), and then because I am a complete coward who got nervous at having to show up with yet another apology for being gone too long. Sigh. Initially I wanted to post about hitting the 6 month mark, but that was 2 weeks ago and now, in the light of the current global situation, that seems almost meaningless. So I’m just going to post this ridiculous little paragraph, just to be here with you all, and remind everyone reading this that even though I have been gone for too long, I think of you all very often. I hope you are all healthy, and we can all use this opportunity to turn inwards, share time with your loved ones, perhaps even introspect and assess our life while everything is on hold (unless you are in the healthcare system, work in a grocery store, or for Amazon, in which case, you are pretty much running the world for us, yay 🙂 ). You are all in my thoughts and I am still walking this path with you, even if things can feel a bit immobilized (and sometimes claustrophobic), we are still moving forward.

Xxx Anne

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31 year old trying to get sober !

29 thoughts on “Day 196: Anxiety about coming back

  1. Hey Anne! Congrats on 6 months – that’s awesome!!! You should be very proud of that. No worries about posting. I think all of us are a bit dazed and confused…at least I am. Stopped in our tracks, but we will definately persevere. Sending much light and love to you my friend.

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    1. awww thank you Dwight. I don’t know how I forgot that everyone here is so accepting and nonjudgmental… my anxiety about coming back seems like an insult to everyone here 🙂 Sending lots and lots of love to you, hopefully the general confusion will lift at some point and this strange time will help us see what’s important to us xxx Anne

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  2. I’m so happy you’re back, I always love your posts. I think we can write whatever we want. There is enough about the virus out there. Or we can write about that too if we want. Whatever works, but creativity and inter-community support is a good thang. Hugs, hugs, hugs. Thanks for all your amazing support, it’s meant a lot to me. xoxoxoxo ❤️

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  3. Never ever have anxiety about coming back here. No-one minds if you duck out for a while, we all need to every now and then. But it is soooooo lovely to have you back again. 6 and half months sober is bloody brilliant and you my lovely friend are totally awesome 😎!
    Connecting here with my ‘gang’ is helping me so much right now, even though I don’t post much at the moment. In a funny way it helps me feel grounded and remind me that sobriety was the best decision for me and that hasn’t changed.
    Stay safe

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  4. I’m so happy to hear from you and so glad you’re still sober. Congrats on the six-month mark! I totally understand it feels a bit insignificant during these weird times, but it’s not.

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  5. Welcome back Anne and congratulations on 6 months!👏👏👏👏 That is brilliant especially at a time like this! We all come and go somewhat but no one judges here and boy do we need love and acceptance right now! Stay well and take care and so nice to hear from you! 💞💞💞

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  6. Hi Anne
    You always say what I was going to say. Am I suffering multiple personality disorder and have been writing under the name of Anne without realising it? You’re back. I need to get my backside in gear . Congrats on 6 months and 14 days. Not bragging but I’ll always have done about a week more than you😉
    Jim x

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    1. Loooooool ❤ Jim, thank you thank you, your words always have the magical power of making me laugh and cheering me up every single time 🙂 you are a WIZARD (autocorrect had it as "gizzard") ^^ xxx Anne


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