Hi, I’m Anne !

There is more to life than just beer!

A few obvious ones that I use every day:

Daily yoga and meditation have been instrumental for me in this sober journey. No joke. Give them a go, everyone can do it!

Make delicious food. It’s a more joyful way of feeling pleasure than drinking. It’s also easy to share with loved ones, which is an antidote to the loneliness that comes with addictive mentality.

Try to be as gentle as possible. To others, and to yourself. Most of us were not taught how, but you cannot succeed on this journey without letting go of self-hatred.

Yes, that DMT acronym was a pure coincidence.

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I’m a 33 year old girl who decided to give drinking a break in 2019, and 9 months later I’m somehow still going ! Join me on this journey!

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There is more to life than just beer!

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